03. Electric guitar school

Want to learn how to play electric guitar?

There are several ways to do it. Self-educating is a complicated and very long-tern endeavor. The essence of guitar skill is in small know-hows, which are hidden from a beginner eye and ear, thus there is a risk of attaining low skill or difficulties while playing in the long run.

Collective studying is another matter and is far from perfection for several reasons such as low time attention of tutor to each student, difference in skill of every student and more. Individual training is the key fo creating you own guitar skill building program from any level and at any age.

Individual approach to every student

By this I mean that a standard program will be adapted to your skill and knowledge. There are different exercise blocks, different riffs and solos oreinted on specific skill or a combination of skills. The necessary package to every guitar player of chords, scales, tech exercises, guitar licks and more.

The essential part of individual training is the focus on the skill and level of each student. Whether you want to learn to see notes on the fretboard, speed pick, sweep, scale runs, improvisation. Nice and steady you will grow and the material will become more advanced and challenging.

How it works?

Guitar lessons are divided into three parts, which are studied simultaneosly, depending on your progress. There is a theory block (in two variants - basic and adnvanced, where the knowledge can be used right away), technical block (guitar licks, exercises, riffs and songs) and the improvisation block (where you learn how to combine the first two: bulding lead lines, soloing over chords and chord progressions).

Your own progress depends on the two major factors: how many hours you practice daily and how often our sessions take place. My method works on the premise that a student takes a lesson from a one time a week on a steady basis (with an opportunity to take more lessons weekly).